Devgiri/ Daulatabad-Fort

  • Name of the Fort:
  • Devgiri
  • Difficulty Level:
  • Easy
  • Endurance Level:
  • Easy

About Fort

  • District:
  • Aurangabad
  • History:
  • Daulatabad Fort magnificent 12th century fortress stands on a hill, Built by Raja Bhillamraj once known as 'Devgiri', Initially a Yadav stronghold, it passed through the hands of several dynasties in the Deccan. The ‘Daulatabad’ (city of fortune) name was give by Muhamad Tughlaq, Sultan of Delhi.Daulatabad Fort, a rock-hewn fortress dominating the landscape, from a 600 feet high mesa-like flat terrain, is 14 kilometer away from Aurangabad City. Daulatabad Fort is one of the world's best preserved Fort, survived without being altered. Daulatabad Fort is said to be only occupied by cheating. A series of secret, puzzled, endless passages lounge curved like a python amidst the fort. Here blazing torches were push upon enemies. Or hot oil poured down his path, as he deliberated in the maze.The Fort itself lies in the body of an isolated hill; the steep hill - sides at the base falling so sharply to the moat that no aggressive troops could scale the height. The moat, 40 feet deep with mechanical drawbridges full with crocodiles.