• Name of the Fort:
  • Sutonda
  • Difficulty Level:
  • Easy
  • Endurance Level:
  • Easy

About Fort

  • Height of the Fort:
  • ---
  • Base Village:
  • Naigaon
  • District:
  • Region:
  • Aurangabad
  • Route:
  • Distance from Pune:
  • ---
  • Description:
  • This is small hill fort also know as Fort of Naigaon named after Naigaon village at the base. Here we observe lot of water tanks carved within rock of fort. Easy way leads to summit of fort from east side edge with steps carved in rock. Its entrance is like tunnel carved in rock.
    We also find small lake on fort. There are many cave like rock carved water filled places seen on this fort. Fort is located at West side of Ajanta-satmala range. In West of this fort village Banoti is connected by Road to other towns of District. Banoti is 3 kilometers away from fort.