Sangadi -Fort

  • Name of the Fort:
  • Sangadi
  • Difficulty Level:
  • Medium
  • Endurance Level:
  • Medium

About Fort

  • Region:
  • Bhandara
  • Base Village:
  • Sangadi
  • Description:
  • Located at Sakoli Tehsil is the Sangadi Fort. The fort currently lies in ruins erected by the Divan family of Seoni, which held the two zamindari estates of Gewardha in Chanda and Rajoli in Bhandara. The fort was called Sahangad or the fort of Sahan, the word meaning the court or small enclosure at the back of a house. It is said that the village was so named because it lay right at the extremity of the parganas to the south-east. An old gun lying imbedded in the sand by the fort is worshipped by the people. It is reported that a hand of Pendhari marauders who were raiding the village were scared away by a charge from this gun, and that its report was so loud that the men who fired it had to jump into a shallow pool of water in order to escape being deafened. There is a belief prevalent that whenever this gun is moved the government of the country will be changed.