• Name of the Fort:
  • Karhegad
  • Difficulty Level:
  • Medium
  • Endurance Level:
  • Medium

About Fort

  • Base Village:
  • Satana
  • District:
  • Nashik
  • Region:
  • Nashik
  • Description:
  • In nashik their is a village of Satana taluka village northeast namapura. This is a small village called namapura way karhe. This is karhegadaca gavajavalaca fort. The fort is unfamiliar to the local people. Local people say that the mountain Bhavani. Kagadapatrammadhila on the basis of information received from a successful exploration campaign karhegadace fixed in place by 1987. Dundhagada these areas during this campaign and found it to be too strong for Ajmer.It takes a few steps hewn in the rock karhegada mathyakhali . So we arrived at the top . Karhegadaca head a little . Remains found in the top of the housing jotyace . Katalata are carved water tank . The moss is grown in tanks . Sometimes they are lying koradihi . The top of the Cavern katalata Western presence .Karhegada the mathyavaruna Salher , salota , Mulher , moragada , ratanagada , tambolya demand tungice Pinnacles , sistha , deramala , pisola , Ajmer and see dundhagada . Clean air anjala - satamala had appeared from rangecehi .