• Name of the Fort:
  • Aamner
  • Difficulty Level:
  • Medium
  • Endurance Level:
  • Medium

About Fort

  • Base Village:
  • Amaner
  • District:
  • Amravati
  • Route:
  • Amanerala are two ways to go,
    1. Jalgaon-Bhusawal-Bburhanapura-Bhokarabardi
  • Description:
  • Amaner castle or fort is a strange jhilpi amanera the fort . Living on the border of Madhya Pradesh and Vidarbha Amravati hold the fort amaneraca taluka of Maharashtra .Amaneraca castle is built on the confluence of the small tekadivaja high tapinadi and gadaga river. It is close to the village of bhokarabardi amanera fort. The village is on the way to Burhanpur bhokarabardi Amravati (via perception). The main fort was destroyed in the door way of looking at it is that way. The wall is too dhasalaleli. Together, the four towers and two fort in the four corner towers are twelve total. Tapi River and gadaga sangamakadila bastion was the best sight of the river.The fort is Shiva temple. Historians say that it was the destination of the Peshwa in Fort Someshwar mhanatatasana 1769. The outside looks like inside the fort, but the destroyers possessed a beautiful sight.