• Name of the Fort:
  • Rangana
  • Difficulty Level:
  • Easy
  • Endurance Level:
  • Easy

About Fort

  • Height of the Fort:
  • ft
  • Base Village:
  • District:
  • Kolhapur -Sindhudurg
  • Region:
  • Route:
  • Pune - Kolhapur - Radhanagari - Fonda Ghat - Narod - Amboli -Gargoti - Kolhapur - Pune
  • Distance from Pune:
  • ---
  • Description:
  • Rangana Fort is a very rare example of what can happen when extreme nature and extreme human achievements can do. Rangana Fort situated in deep core forests and on a peek where even modern amenities fails in today‚Äôs world so one can imagine how and what made it possible to built and portray a fort structure in such dense and dangerous area. Rangana fort is famous as Prasidhdha Gad in the Maratha history situated in the Sahyadri Mountain on the boundary of Kolhapur and Sindhudurg districts of Maharashtra at the height of 2600 ft above MSL. The capital of Kolhapur region was Panhala at all times. Rangana is situated at 50 km south of Panhala. Fort not easily accessible, strong and not easily defeat able even to enemies.
    Rangana fort has access from two sides. One from Patgaon in Kolhapur District and another from Narur in Kudal taluka of Sindhudurg district. The way from Kolhapur is simple but hells from deep and dense forest to pass through. Rangana fort is situated at 95 km from Kolhapur at direct south side on the border of Kolhapur. The Kolhapur - Gargoti distance is 48 km. About 35 km from this place, is Patgaon. This was the old lane supplying essential girds for Rangana residents. S. T. Buses travel up to this place i.e. Patgaon. After Patgaon, Hanmanta Ghat stretched about 9 km. from Patgaon to Tambewadi. Tambewadi is small village at the edge of Ghat. This road from Patgaon to Tambewadi is very uneven. One walkway from Tabmewadi turns towards Rangana (ask to local villagers about road). This 8 km distance of this way through deep forest you have to cross three deep valleys, two three water bodies (one is a bit deep to pass vehicle through it) and not to forget about thick and dense forest. Thanks to an armature group from Kolhapur helped to show road till foot of Fort by putting signs of direction throughout the forest. Chikkewadi is a small habitat of 8 to 10 houses at 6-7 km from Tambewadi. Rangana's steep rise starts from Chikkewadi. After trekking shrub studded hill for almost 1 1\2 km first entrance of Rangana in form of broken remains show its presence.