• Name of the Fort:
  • Vishalgad
  • Difficulty Level:
  • Medium
  • Endurance Level:
  • Medium

About Fort

  • Height of the Fort:
  • 3350 ft
  • Base Village:
  • Jat
  • District:
  • Region:
  • Route:
  • Kolhapur - Vishalgarh distance is 80 km. Kolhapur can Vishalgarh two ways.
    1), Kolhapur - Lonar - pandharapani (pavanakhinda) - bhatatali - gajapura - Vishalgarh can Vishalgarh seeing pavanakhinda this way.
    2) Kolhapur - Lonar - Amba - gajapura - Vishalgarh buses ST lot to Vishalgarh station bus Kolhapur are.
  • Distance from Pune:
  • ---
  • Description:
  • Vishalgad front looks Vishalgarh horizontal spread. The valley is a vahanatalata and Vishalgarh in. By this valley go utarunaca Vishalgarh costs. But now the gap is built on an iron bridge. These are part of the two base pulavaruna Vishalgarh reached. Khadya uphill for the other ladder, through the right side of the steps to reduce sickness for. Descending the steps of the ladder and the way you go on the road to alight. Seeing all the places that are in the fort.
    This place bhagavantes temple, Ganesh Vitthal temple and built a new house, there are three temples. House sink water cubes. Mr. hardikara see this house maintenance. Their house is on the side of the house. The house can be arranged compilation. Bhagavantes on the shellfish pahanyasarakhe. This inscription is engraved in step kasavapudhila devharyakadila modilipi. Its 'Shake 1701 Abaji Jadhav, Vishalgad' The letters are read. The idol of the temple is bramhadevaci. Pradaksinamarga by the lamps are the wall recess. By carving wooden door of the house is pahanyasarakhe Vitthal and mahiripi on. Seeing the house near the castle pantapratinidhim (hall) folks have to sink a big rectangular steps. The entrance of the palace is destroyed; Bhuyara is a small wall to the left of the entrance. This bhuyaratuna (3 feet in height) can be crawling. Bhuyarace face another square near the well. The palace has been the downfall of large quantities. The sink is a big body in front of the palace, which fell out of the door on the south. Well, the room for arch, is a small door daravajasarakha Dindi. This well is the temple of Lord Shiva. On the back of the palace is a dry sink. After walking along the vihirivaruna 5 minutes you reach tokapasi takamaka.