• Name of the Fort:
  • Kavla
  • Difficulty Level:
  • Easy
  • Endurance Level:
  • Easy

About Fort

  • Height of the Fort:
  • --
  • Base Village:
  • Warandh
  • District:
  • Pune
  • Region:
  • Warandha ghat
  • Route:
  • Pune- Bhor - Warandha
  • Distance from Pune:
  • 115 Km
  • Description:
  • Warandha Ghat is one of the best place to explore in all sense during monsoon season. The fort Kavlya which watches over the Warandha Ghat is also a nice place to explore. Shivtharghal being a legendary place because of Ramdas Swami's stay while writing Dasbodh attracts lot of people.
  • About:
  • Varandhagaht: The Varandha Pass is a ancient route. In 1857 it was widened by the British by dividing Kavlya Fort in two. The fort stands on the border of Pune and Raigad districts and joins Bhor and Mahad. Varandha Ghat is a hill fort about 25km east of Mahad. It lies on the route of the Varandha Pass which crosses the Sahyadris in the Pune district of Maharashtra in India. A 74km long road from Mahad to Bhor passes Varandha Ghat and crosses the pass, reaching a height of around 800m.
    Shivthar Ghal is a rare yet refreshing, silent yet soothing, small yet unique place waiting to be explored. The name comes from a cavern in this place ('Ghal' is for a cavern in Marathi) where Samarth Ramdas (the guru of 'Shivaji Maharaj') used to sit, pray, meditate and more importantly scripted down the famous 'Dasbodh' manuscript. Shivthar Ghal is a quiet abode, housing some lush green places, a lovely waterfall and a river and some of the toughest on foot, picturesque mountains.