• Name of the Fort:
  • Ramdurg
  • Difficulty Level:
  • Easy
  • Endurance Level:
  • Easy

About Fort

  • Height of the Fort:
  • 300 ft
  • Base Village:
  • Jat
  • District:
  • Region:
  • Route:
  • Jat is Talukas village in Sangli district. 80 km from Sangli dafalapura is Jat via via dafalapura to 83 km and Miraj. Jat - Jat daphalapura village branch 3 km from Rampur on the road. 1 km to the village or phatyapasuna. Sangli - on top of the small hill fort siralya ramadurga within Miraj dafalapura via phatyavaruna ST pakaduna Rampur village, heading down jatala takes Splash Keep your attention. Rampur road through the village is saleparyanta. Salemagila hill fort. Salemaguna road to start walking towards the hill on which the water in the tank. The fort appears on the right door when the water takipasi. Payavatene loosing the road to start walking towards the door of the fort. It takes approximately 5 minutes to go to the fort phatyapasuna pohocatoramapura ardhatasa front door of the fort. Vahanane comes directly from the water tank if you own vahana.
  • Distance from Pune:
  • ---
  • Description:
  • Fort is massive Gateway East. The gate arch sabuta. There are a few steps in front of carved stone entrance. Fort walls and towers are still quite sabuta. A stone wall is made ​​of a racuna. Two dagadammadhila is used to fill the interstitial local white clay. Ancient Shiva temple, a castle looks right after entering. Shiva began to walk towards the house. Beaten with a stone on the way to the house when it gets to see the house itself. Hemadpanti 'stands exemplry was once part of ancient temple and the temple hall. The hall is now destroyed. His remains are scattered killabhara you. Shiva Temple is south. Mandap four carved pillars still remain are delivered. The idea is that the hall. Gabharya the door is a beautiful sculpture. Vdarapatti Ganesha idol is. Gabharyatila pindivarila roofs carved flowers embroidery. Burujakade flag on the house to go to the temple when the guest. This tower is dhasalalela.
    The dhasalalelya tower on cadhuna be jhendyapasi. Rampur village comes from the bastions of the fort and low pieces mall glance. Flag bastion walls of the fort down to the current round of varunaca coast. Tatavaruna looks lying heap again when Shiva temple across the back side of the ferry. There should be a commodity. Next to the fort on the south of the lake looks like a fabric lower side. Talavacya built a stone wall on the north beaten. There is not any water system. So the pool should be made. Fort is a wall waiting to go to the lake. From the inside of the wall in the same way against the wall when the side of the north tower and the fort pravesavda. Tower and wall of stone kosaluna is closed today. This route was through his round when the fort entrance to mix a small portion of the wall around the fort. The fort size of a small portion of the fort half an hour shorter.