• Name of the Fort:
  • Bharatgad
  • Difficulty Level:
  • Medium
  • Endurance Level:
  • Medium

About Fort

  • Base Village:
  • Malvan
  • Region:
  • Sindhudurg
  • Route:
  • Pune-Kolhapur-Kankavli-Achra-Hadi-Masure
  • Description:
  • Bharatgad Fort was constructed by Sawantwadikar Fond Sawat in 1680. This fort is supported by huge walls that are presently in a ruined condition. The fort has a 200 ft deep water tank that has a carved door at its bottom. Archaeologists state that the cave, starting near the carved door, leads to the Sindhudurg Fort. This cave was used as a hidden passage for women to escape, in case of an attack by enemies.
  • History:
  • The Phond Savants joined the Peshwas against Tulaji Angre who later attacked Bharatgad in 1748 and won the fort. But sooner the Savants won back the fort. In 1787 the Savants lost the fort to the ruler of Karvir but they handed the fort back to the Savants. In 1818, Captain Hutchinson won the fort into the British Empire. It was observed that the water of the well had disappeared owing to the gun shots and the garrison used wooden barrels to store water.